The Founders

21FHD is a Boutique Hospitality Interior Architecture and Design Firm with a strong focus on sustainability. We prioritize the guest environment and client experience through our “Flaneur Approach” which allows the property and people to seamlessly integrate into the community creating a true sense of hospitality. 


We provide full service interior architecture and design services within the hospitality industry through collaboration and partnerships with experts in the field. Innovative thinking, a sustainable focus, and passion for hospitality and design is what 21FHD was built on and where every project starts.


21FHD handles conversions, renovations, and custom designs for hotel properties in the lifestyle, boutique, and independent sector. We also create custom designs for branded properties. Vacation rentals, bars, restaurants, and unique event spaces are also within our scope of work. It doesn’t matter how big or small or how near or far a project is, we would love to hear about it.

Interested in learning more about 21FHD or Co-Founders Franciska and Taylor? Want to connect about a current or upcoming project? Want to say Happy Wednesday? Head to our contact page!

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Franciska Rivera

Co-Founder, Principal Designer,



aylor Hudson

Co-Founder, Principal Designer,


Taylor was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for design. Being born and raised in the same area also gave her a strong desire to travel. Her career in the hospitality industry started with her first “serving” job at 14. After pursuing her degree in Interior Architecture & Design she knew that hospitality design was where she was meant to be. 


Taylor’s experience includes designing semi-custom and custom designs for branded hotels, including a fully custom design for a brand conversion in 2020. Having developed a custom design package within 7 weeks, and during the pandemic, she has no problem working under pressure or extreme circumstances. She also achieved her LEED Green Associates and WELL AP accreditations in just two months. She leads all of the marketing and public relations efforts for 21FHD. This includes the ongoing development and editing of the website, social media management, content creation, and implementation of marketing strategies. She also focuses on business development and client relations. She is always active on LinkedIn and looking for new connections!


Outside of being an entrepreneur and designer Taylor is a self-proclaimed reality television expert and amateur astrologer. She loves board games and trivia, dancing, and Formula 1. She is almost always smiling and her loud and distinctive laugh can be heard from a mile away.

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Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. She pursued her education in Fashion Design, then moved to the States and went back to school for Interior Design. She decided to focus in the commercial field after a few years working on the residential side. Her love for travel and the opportunity to visit different countries, knowing other cultures, and her background in design made hospitality her area of expertise.


Franciska’s experience in the hospitality sector includes designing custom hotels for major brands including rooftops and restaurants. Her portfolio consists of renovations, conversion, and new constructions. With her technical skills she is responsible for project management and the delivery of the full set of documents for all projects at 21FHD. This includes planning, coordinating, and implementing design projects from beginning to end.


Franciska is a LEED Green Associates and WELL AP professional, she believes continuing education is the key to successfully designing spaces, which is why you always find her watching webinars or seeking educational courses.

She speaks Spanish, English and she is currently learning French. She enjoys playing volleyball, hosting parties, drinking scotch, and booking her next getaway.

"In order to be unforgettable one must always be different"