Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects do you typically work on?

We have prior experience with branded properties in the mid-scale tier. With 21FHD we will focus on custom designs for branded, independent, and boutique hotels, restaurants, and bars.

It looks like you have done some great projects. Can you tell me about them?

The project renderings and descriptions that you see displayed under the “Our Work” tab of the website are all conceptual designs. They have not been realized, yet! They were thoughtfully designed based on research done in our geographic area of choice. We treated these conceptual designs as real projects and because of that could produce a full set of plans and design documents if the design was ever sold.

In what areas do you work on projects?

We can work all over the United States with ease due to our streamlined design process and knowledge working remotely. We launched our business in the midst of the pandemic when everything was being done virtually. We still managed to  successfully build a network of industry professionals as well as our brand recognition solely using technology and virtual platforms. We also have prior experience working on projects throughout the southeast and midwest.

Sustainable design is expensive and the budget doesn't allow for it.

There are a number of ways to implement sustainable practices that don't just include using sustainable materials and green building, which do typically come at a higher cost. There are three pillars within sustainability- people, planet, and profit. Using local produce or baked goods for your properties F&B amenity is sustainable. Researching native plants & herbs that can be used to decrease water consumption as well as within the F&B establishment is sustainable. Encouraging a recycling program for guests and staff is sustainable. The list goes on and we have the passion and creativity to think of countless ways you can implement sustainable practices without necessarily compromising  budget.

Do you provide purchasing and/or procurement services?

We can provide a turn-key design service including procurement through the use of our strong industry partnerships. We have built relationships with a number of procurement companies, large and small, in order to accommodate any project type and size. We did extensive research to select the procurement partners we work with because integrity of the design from concept to completion is a priority for us. Our past experience working with a firm that offered procurement services allows us to understand the process intimately. We know how to work with procurement professionals in order to avoid confusion, budget issues, lead time concerns, etc…

How do you structure your design fees?

Our fee structure is based on square footage. Pricing varies based on scope of work, type of project, and design needs.

For more information about your specific project please reach out to us at or fill out our consultation request form on the contact page.

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