Our Philosophy



"Spaces that encourage property and people to seamlessly integrate into the community and culture around them, creating a true sense of hospitality."


"Thoughtfully design innovative spaces that prioritize the three pillars of sustainability- people, planet, and profit."


Our understanding of the importance of how people function and want to feel within a space, allows us to provide premium design experiences that meet our clients’ needs while prioritizing their guests.


21 Flaneur Hospitality Design | 21FHD has a strong focus on sustainable practices and includes

them into all aspects of their work & business.


Here are some examples:

  • Sourcing from sustainable manufacturers and vendors.

  • Ensuring every company 21FHD partners with has a focus on sustainability. This especially includes partnerships with architects, landscape designers, procurement companies, etc.

  • Encouraging owners, employees, and community to increase the importance of sustainability in their buildings, work, and everyday lives.

  •  Strive to incorporate sustainable systems and practices through designs, according to the standards set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program.

  • Leading by example when it comes to sustainability. For that reason the founders of 21FHD have implemented sustainable practices not only into everyday life but also in office/company culture through recycling, water/energy conservation, and more.

The possibilities with sustainability are endless, vast, and can be implemented in a number of ways. We at 21FHD, use our creativity and resourcefulness to ensure sustainability is always a top priority and implemented seamlessly in every project. We want to better not only our planet, but also the people who occupy the spaces we design and the people in the communities where our designs are placed.


We are aiming to create sustainable solutions through our designs, business practices, and through educating others about the importance of being environmentally conscious.


We are aiming to create  environments that increase the feelings of wellness, comfort, and pride to those we design for, the community, and our colleagues.


We prioritize profit in regards to our clients' needs, as well making sure the projects we work on provide positive economic benefits to the surrounding community.

What To Expect






21FHD's  design phases include the analysis, planning, documentation, and management of the interior non-structural construction and alteration of buildings. We work along with architects, engineers, and construction managers to make sure we are in compliance with all guidelines and regulations, life safety, and codes to obtain a building permit.

We focus on the planning and design of the interiors to enhance the human experience promoting health, safety, and welfare. Our designs focus on the evolution of technology and innovation always putting our planet and people first and making sure we design as sustainably as possible. 

We create construction documents with finish schedules, furniture plans, elevations, RCP, and specs books with all the details needed to deliver a successful project. 

Our scope of service includes data collection, project management, conceptualization, selection of furnishing and finish materials, documentation, coordination, contract administration, pre-design, and post-design services. 

The initial discovery call allows us to establish the perimeters of a project, gather info on your guests and the space, as well as address budget concerns and other important aspects for a successful project. Just click the "let's connect" button in the corner of this page, or fill out a consultation request form on our contact page, to get your project started with 21 Flaneur Hospitality Design | 21FHD!

How Do I get My Project Started with 21Fhd?