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JW Marriott Orlando & Hospitality and Restaurant Summit 2021

I feel like I am writing our blogs every week. Time flies by so quickly sometimes it is really hard to know what day it is! Can anyone else relate?

21FHD was part of the Hospitality & Restaurant Summit 2021 in Orlando, FL. The event is organized by the Opal Group, and they invite industry professionals and manufacturers to participate. This year Taylor and I were invited as speakers, and we were thrilled because we love to talk about what we do! Our topic of choice for this event was "Experiential Environments, Sustainability: Expectations of the New Generations."

We are constantly learning about the evolution of the hospitality industry and how we need to design for future generations. For our research, we decided we should reach out to a young travel influencer that didn't have a huge following. This made her, in our opinion, the best person to learn from, as her experiences are uninfluenced by brand partnerships and therefore more genuine. Her name is Helena Trujillo and her IG handle is @helen.trujillo. She gave us great insights into what young Millennials and Gen Zers are looking for when they book their trips (and confirmed that they travel a lot). Here is a little peak into her IG but make sure to follow her to see more!