Viva Las Vegas- 21FHD Style!

Everybody has been asking how our trip to Las Vegas was, good thing we are writing a blog about it!

First, let's start by saying that we changed our itinerary to arrive one day earlier and were so glad we did! We received a nice invitation to go on a boat tour of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. We had a great time and met the loveliest people. This is why we love our industry so much.

The landscape is beautiful and we highly recommend you take a trip to the lake if you are ever around the area. Since we are so focused on sustainability and caring for our planet, we had to deliver bad news to those who had not heard about the very low water levels of Lake Mead. You can clearly see how much the water level has dropped, reaching the lowest point since the 1930s. This is why we focus on sustainability and why you should always keep in mind the importance of water conservation!

After great food, drinks, and fantastic company, it was time to get ready for HD Expo taking place the following day. We were excited to be able to meet people face to face and network around the floor. We enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful new products too, especially when there was a mimosa involved! It was great to meet so many people in the industry and hear how enthusiastic and positive they are about the future of hospitality.

Taylor was in charge of our schedule and made sure we took advantage of every minute we had. I am so glad she did, even if I got a little cranky at some point because I was so tired lol. I don't know where her energy comes from! The event was great and although it was not as busy as previous years, it was still a wonderful event and we are so glad we attended.

Of course we need to talk about our lodging in Vegas. It is a very important part of what we do when we travel and as you may already know, we are always looking forward to staying in a new hotel!

On our first night in Vegas we stayed at the newly renovated Virgin Hotel. Our last minute itinerary change gave us an excuse to book a second hotel for our extra night. Or room was very comfortable room and the design is definitely fresh, our vibe for sure. The bathroom is very spacious and the beds are pretty comfortable.

We absolutely adored the biophilic elements that the design included. The main lobby and Ruby Tower lounge were very desert chic. The neutral color palette was a beautiful backdrop for the earth tone velvet fabrics and drapery. Another feature we really loved was the multi-faceted mirrored accent wall and cactus garden. Desert chic indeed!

The main lobby had a cocktail bar that was hidden behind the most spectacular dividers. They were designed to resemble jewel tone geodes which brought in that element of nature but kept it glamour. The whole property was *chef's kiss* and we would love to go back for a longer stay!

I love food, so much that of course I have to tell you all about my favorite dinner. We were invited to an intimate dinner with the team from Eric Brand, what lovely people they are! The dinner was hosted at Javier's inside the Aria Hotel and... how can I say this... the food was beyond AMAZING and the margaritas too. I had the shrimp enchiladas, in case you were wondering, oh my mouth is watering right now.

The restaurant design is very attractive and the private dining room is stunning. Did I mention the room is tiled with a gorgeous pearlescent veneer, all the way to the ceiling? The window frames are made with old leather belts, which we LOVED. You already know how much we enjoy repurposed design!! Save the name of the restaurant in your phone if you are thinking about going to Vegas and you are a Mexican food lover.

On the last part of our trip we stayed at the Mandalay Bay which was the host hotel for the HD Expo. We worked really hard while we were there. When I say work I may be referring to a little drinking and gambling lol. When in Vegas right?! All this work got in the way of us snapping more pictures around the hotel.

We definitely took time to do some hotel hoping. You know, for the decor and maybe a little for the gambling. It was great to check out all the fun and different hotel designs in Vegas, especially since it was Taylor's first visit. Fun fact, I lost all of my money playing roulette but Taylor made me proud and won some cash playing Black Jack. 21 Baby!!

This blog could go on forever since there is so much we could share about our amazing trip. For now, enjoy some pictures we snapped and that margarita you are gonna have later after reading about Javier's! Talk to you, or write to you I should say, in October. As always we have a fun trip coming up and can't wait to share all about it on the blog. Au revoir!

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