The Queen City & SpArc Summit

Another trip, another blog post. This time Taylor and I headed to Charlotte NC "The Queen City" for the SpArc Interiors Summit 2021. We got invited to the event and it was great because we had some meetings in the city already scheduled! Can you say perfect timing?

Obviously, we were excited because every trip to us is an opportunity to explore cities and different properties. Also, we love to network and meet people in the industry, exchange information, knowledge, and have a cocktail or two!

We did not have a lot of free time because the event was very well organized, it kept us scheduled with meetings throughout the day but we did our best to take advantage of the time we could carve out. We stayed at Marriott City Center Hotel in uptown Charlotte which was a very sleek and elegantly designed property. One of the first thing we did when we arrived was to check out the design and take note of all the small architectural details. Can you picture us checking in just pointing, looking around, and maybe even examining the construction of the reception desk a little too closely? We can't help ourselves, okay!!

This is a great shot of the lobby just past check-in. We love how the designers mirrored the drop ceiling to the different floor heights giving a sense of movement to the space as well as visual interest. Also, the way the furniture was space planned allows enough distance in between the furniture groupings making occupants feel safe but social.

A multi-story atrium brings lots of natural light into the building from above. This creates a good variety of illuminated areas, and areas where the light is very soft for a more cozy and intimate feel.

We are all about quality lighting design and a good light fixture in the right place, is essential to bring a space together and provide a WOW factor! This piece created a focal point on the floors above with its sculptural aesthetic. With each new vantage point it felt like a completely different piece.

We also admired the use of so many natural materials, like wood and metal. These materials in a space could easily make it feel very cold and sterile. The design team did a great job combining warm lighting, cozy textiles, and very homey feeling seating arrangements to maintain the welcoming feeling every lobby should have.

I love to eat and Taylor loves a good drink, so our last meeting in the city was at Barcelona Wine Bar where the food, drinks, and ambiance create a great environment for a laid back happy hour with new friends. We picked that restaurant because I am obsessed with Barcelona, both the city and restaurant, and Taylor had yet to try one of my favorite spots. The decor is industrial and the overall design integrates a lot of different raw materials, similar to the Marriott but with a completely different vibe. Isn't design fun?

If you have not been there, do yourself a favor and find one in your area now! Be sure to ask for a white sangria and all the tapas you can eat.

We are back in the office catching up with all the work that comes after a networking event, like emailing and connecting with all the great people we met. We are also planning out our next trip which is right around the corner. It is going to be crazy hectic and we may not have time to sleep (hint) but that is how we like it!

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will share our most recent travel destination. It will be a good read, we promise. In the meantime can you guess where we are headed next? Put your guess in the comments below!

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